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Reviews / Re: Look No Further!
« Last post by Cary Austin on December 11, 2017, 09:36:59 AM »
Thank you for the kind words.  We really appreciate reviews from those who have had a CSV long enough to see the difference.
Reviews / Look No Further!
« Last post by FChard on December 08, 2017, 11:23:53 PM »
I bought this system 6 months ago, for use on a shallow well system. It made a huge and welcome difference in the dependability and convenience of that system. Subsequently,  our water table dropped, and it was necessary to replace the shallow well system with a submersible pump, which works wonderfully with the CSV. I'm enjoying great, constant water pressure in the house, as well as for irrigation.

Further, I've discovered an amazingly competent, knowledgable friendly and helpful family run business, which by all rights should serve as a model for other companies, which badly need to learn the real value of providing excellent customer service and support, both before and after the sale. I spoke with three employees during the course of my two pump ordeals, and found each one knowledgable and more than able and willing to provide me with exactly the information I needed. Carey Austin, the owner, was especially helpful in educating me about shallow and submersible systems and how they work with the CSV. He even put me on to how to build an inexpensive device to help cool and potentially extend the life of my submersible pump. In addition, he even tolerated my ignorance and responded very promptly to my emails. It's clear that he is absolutely confident in the value of his product, and he patiently provided me with service way beyond the call of duty.

Thanks to CSV I now have a well functioning, dependable water system. I am saving money, conserving energy, and enjoying the convenience of consistently, constant water pressure for my home and yard. Very fantastic from a little 115v, 1/2 hp pump!

If you are looking for real value , affordability, and great serice, you have found a great value in good quality,  consistently dependable, constant water pressure,  and friendly,  extremely competent and helpful support, before and after the sale. Why would anyone need to look any further?
The 10GS15 will work even if the water level pulls down from 190' to 300'.  The 10GS10 will not work if the water level pulls down more than about 260'.  But between 190' and 260' you have at least 100 gallons in the well to use above the recovery rate of the well.  Since the well was making 15 GPM at 245', I think the 1HP, 10GS10 is all you need.  But if there is not much difference in price, the 1.5HP, 10GS15 would work if the water level ever gets deeper. 

The CSV lets you put in as large a pump as you think you need, and makes it work like a smaller pump when small amounts of water are being used.  So even though it is a 1.5HP, the CSV will make it work like a 3/4HP when that is all you need.

I think that blue pipe is rated at 250 PSI, so the backpressure of 160 PSI for the 1.5HP should be fine.  And yes that is 11 GPM at 300' and 50 PSI.
Ok so I found

10GS10412C - Goulds Pumps GS Submersible Well Pump
1 HP - 10 GPM - 230 Volts - 1 Phase - 3 Wire


10GS15412C - Goulds Pumps GS Submersible Well Pump
1 1/2 HP - 10 GPM - 230 Volts - 1 Phase - 3 Wire

either or? or the 1.5

If i'm reading the chart correctly the 1.5 gives me 11gpm at 50psi 300'.
ok i see. I meant to type in 250 psi (maybe 200?) need to check. It's the blue 1" stuff.

Also what is it I'm looking for. Single phase? or single stage? thanks. the one you mentioned is a 17 stage?
That link is to an article, not a video.  But I am glad you found the video.  That 10GS15 Goulds is probably about right for that well and your house.  With a pump setting of 300' and a static water level of 190', there will be 160 PSI on the underground pipe.  Since the burst pressure of pipe is 2 to 5 times the rated pressure, you should be fine with 150 PSI pipe.  But I am curious what kind of pipe that is, because most people use 160-200 PSI or even higher rated pipe in the ground?  The CSV can go at the well head if needed, which will keep the underground line seeing 40-60 PSI only.  But it is usually better to put everything in the house or well house if you can.

All you need is a regular 10GS15 pump with a normal single phase motor and control box for a three wire unit.  And since you have two families in the house  I would use the 10 gallon size tank on one of our PK1A kits.  That makes the kit cost you $395 including shipping.  The PK1A will do a better job than the variable speed thing and make your pump last several times longer, not to mention it cost a fraction of what a VFD does.  Of course these are the reasons the pump man prefers to sell VFD's instead of CSV's.  I can't blame him for wanting to make more money and come back to work on it more often, but you should!

Oh and the 10GS10 number you gave is for a 1HP not a 1.5 HP, which maybe all you need anyway.
I saw that video, it's what brought me here :). He recommended 1.5 HP Gould's 10 GPM (10GS10412cl with control box). Anything 10-15 gpm is fine. It's a 2350sqft house with a full unfinished basement that can be set up as a in law apt. So possibly up to 4700 sqft 2 family. Front and back seasonal lawn.
How many GPM's are you needing?  What size pump was the pump man suggesting?  You gave me all the other details, just need to know how much water you will be using.  Is it just for the house, or do you have irrigation and/or heat pump demands?

It is much better that you ask these questions now, rather than after having to spend a few extra thousand on replacement VFD's, which is when most people find Cycle Stop Valves.

Also see this....VFD's are a scam.
Hi all. My installer is trying to get me to buy a franklin constant pressure pump subdrive utility. It's an electric constant pressure system with on board diagnostics and blah blah. Sounds fancy like a BMW, my fear is it'll be just as reliable as one (sarcasm). Need some advice.

well total depth: 455'
hit water at: 435'
Static water level: 190'
15gpm draw down baler test: 245'

Installer said placing the pump at 300' would be more than adequate and anything more would be useless and an energy hog. This I agree with. If I want to install a CSV what pump would be best suited for my application on my single family home. What kit would you recommend? thank you for your help

Should mention the 150psi line goes 85' to get to house thanks
Pump Station Pictures / Re: Atlanta Falcons practice field 2002
« Last post by Cary Austin on November 28, 2017, 07:24:18 AM »
I built the pump system and took the picture before the system was shipped to them.  Yes it was a while ago.  We have been doping this for a long time.  I don't know about this one, but most of the pump systems we built since the early 90's are still working today.  Cycle Stop Valves make for a very dependable and long lasting pump system.
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