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Retrofit Solutions
Variable Flow Without Variable Frequency!

Retrofit your existing system the easy way with simple Cycle Stop Valve pump control, a small diaphragm type tank, and a pressure switch. Constant speed pump control doesn't get any easier than Cycle Stop Valves.

Cycle Stop Valve and 86 gallon tank replaces 10,000 gallon hydro tank.

Simple mechanical system that works how you need it, when you need it.


  • 1-10,000 GPM Flow
    ranges available
  • Mechanical soft start
    and soft stop
  • No Water Hammer
  • No complicated VFD's
  • Dependable Mechanical
    pump control

Example Photos:

Pump Style: Turbine

Temporary pump control provided for three 200 HP Turbines with three Cycle Stop Valves and an 86 gallon tank runs entire city while elevated tank was being worked over.
Inside View
Outside View

Pump style: Turbine

Retrofit system for city utilizing existing 10,000 gallon pressure tank using Cycle Stop Valves with 100GPM bypass around the valve. Now the pressure tank fills at 100 GPM instead of 1500 GPM, eliminating the rapid cycle while still utilizing the 10,000 tank for low demands. Flow rates under 100 GPM cycle very slowly utilizing the drawdown in the tank. Flow rates over 100 GPM are controlled with the Cycle Stop Valves stopping the cycling completely.

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