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PK1A Pside-kick® Typical Applications

Pipe/fittings installed before the pside-kick® must be pressure rated to handle the maximum head or shut off pressure that your pump can build. If you have leaks or extended water usage of less than 1 gpm, adding an additional pressure tank in your system is recommended.

The pside-kick® controls many different pumps set at various depths and pressures.

The following table is the majority of standard domestic pump model sizes that are available and the minimum/maximum water levels (or depth to water) in your well that are required for those models to work with this pside-kick®. It has been preset to work best within these parameters. (Although preset, this is an adjustable product. If your system does not fall exactly within these ranges, please contact manufacturer for adjustment suggestions to fit your specific needs.)

To use the table, choose your GPM series pump and find the depth or distance from the surface to water information that applies. As long as the water level in your well is not less than the mininimum level and not more than the maximum level shown in the table, the pside-kick® will work as designed.

Compatible Pump Types and Sizes

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