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CSV3R General Information

The CYCLE STOP VALVE model CSV3R is a pump control valve that automatically adjusts pump output to match variable flow requirements. Downstream of the CSV3R, pressure remains constant as long as demand on the system is between 5 gpm and the maximum pump output. As flow rates vary, the change in pressure causes the liner inside the CSV3R to modulate closer to or farther away from the grillwork area and seating surface. This enables the pressure downstream of the CSV3R to remain constant regardless of flow.

When there is no longer any demand on the system, the pressure on the discharge side of the valve begins to rise and the liner presses against the seating surface. The valve and seat surface are designed to never be able to completely seal. The non-closing seat is designed to allow flow of approximately 5 gpm. As the pressure tank slowly fills, the pressure begins to rise to the pressure switch shut off pressure. Shut off pressure must always be higher than the pressure held constant by the Cycle Stop Valve.

Regardless of tank size, the pressure downstream of the CSV3R will slowly rise to the pressure switch shut off point and the pump will shut off. As flow is again demanded from the system, the pressure tank will empty and the system pressure will drop to the pressure switch start point and the pump will start.

This model will not tolerate trash being pumped through it and needs to be used in clean water only applications. When start pressure and valve pressure are set the same, this valve eliminates water hammer from your system.

The CYCLE STOP VALVE model CSV3R is available in 2" to 12" with flow rates available from 5 gpm to 5000 gpm. Sizes 2" through 4" are available in a wafer type flanged mode and sizes 6" through 12" are only available in a flanged model. They are adjustable from 15-150 PSI ( 100-300 PSI available).

Please note that there can be no more than 125 psi differential (difference in pressure between inlet pressure and outlet pressure). The standard CSV3R is made of stainless steel.

Note: In multiple pump applications, never share a CSV with multiple pumps. Each pump must have its own valve.

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