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Planned Obsolescence: Pumps are Built to Fail

There are pumps in a famous fountain in Chicago that have been running since 1927. Turbines at some of the older dams have not required maintenance in 60 years or more. There is a light bulb that has been burning in a fire station for over 100 years. I have a 1947 Jeep that still runs as good as ever. This tells me that we can build things to last when we want too.

When we started Cycle Stop Valves in 1993 we thought the only thing they did was keep pumps from cycling off and on. Over the years we learned that Cycle Stop Valves save energy, make pump systems last longer, use much smaller pressure tanks, eliminate water hammer, and deliver constant pressure to the user. All of these things are good, but many manufacturers do not like it.

Companies that sell electricity will not say it out loud but, they do not want devices that save energy. Companies who make tanks do not want you to be able to replace ten tanks with a single tank and a simple valve. Makers of pipe, fittings, and fixtures don't want water hammer eliminated. Some manufactures will spend millions buying out a competitor just to phase out a good product, so they can put even less quality into their own product. Some motor manufacturers would rather warranty a large percentage of their motors than make a motor that will last.

Even though pumps, motors, and tanks were designed to only last a short period of time, Cycle Stop Valves can double or triple the life expectancy of these pump systems by simply eliminating the cycling on and off that comes with everyday use. Everyone is being economically wounded by companies who practice "planned obsolescence". "Planned obsolescence" is a cancer that feeds on our natural resources while destroying consumer confidence and contractor relations. Designing a product to prematurely fail while claiming to sell a quality product is fraud, just as any other kind of false representation.

Cycle Stop Valves make pumps and motors last longer and use smaller tanks, while saving as much energy as variable speed drives. Therefore, it is the policy of many companies who manufacturer pumps, motors, tanks, and variable speed drives to discredit Cycle Stop Valves any way they can.

Consumers only search for the cheapest price when they believe quality is no longer attainable. Cycle Stop Valves make cheaply built pump systems last longer than was planned by the pump and motor manufacturer. Cycle Stop Valves eliminate warranties and help stamp out planned obsolescence in pumping equipment.

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