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NASA uses Cycle Stop Valve on Solid Rocket Booster

When the Space Shuttle is on the ground, de-ionized water is circulated throughout the vectoring system for the solid rocket boosters. Various flow rates are required at different times as a pressure regulator tries to maintain 20 PSI on the system. A thousand feet away from the regulator and booster rockets, a 5 HP pump with a pressure switch and pressure tank cycled on and off as needed. The booster rocket is equipped with rupture disc at 21.5 PSI. The pump cycling on and off was causing a transient pressure wave that the 20 PSI regulator could not contain. This caused the rupture disc to rupture on a regular basis. Adding a CSV1Z Cycle Stop Valve between the pump and tank keeps the pump running steady, eliminating the cycling. The CSV solved the problem as the rupture disc no longer rupture.

The Cycle Stop Valve is a simple valve that solves complicated problems.

Municipalities, irrigation systems, even your own home can enjoy the same constant pressure that solved the problem on the Space Shuttle.

We have always said you don't need rocket science to understand the CSV. However, now it seems that rocket science needs CSV.

Thanks much for all your support. Your product is performing great. Attached are pictures of the installed unit and pics of the Ares test rocket that's parked right outside the building where the pump is located. You can also see in the background one of the retrieval ships that tows the spent rocket boosters back to this facility. Thanks again for all your help in making this a successful project.

Randal B. Mick
USA SRB Facilities Systems Engineer

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